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McIntosh Solar offers solar attic fans in Citrus County FL in the following towns:

Beverly Hills, Citrus Hills, Citrus Springs, Crystal River, Floral City, Hernando, Holder, Homosassa Springs, Inverness, Lecanto, Pine Ridge

Why do you need a Solar Attic Fan in Citrus County FL?

Solar attic fans in Citrus County FL offer an environmentally friendly and economical solution to summer time cooling problems resulting from attic heat penetrating your home's insulation.  During the summer, attic temperatures can soar to over 150�F, keeping your attic hot throughout the day and well into the night.  The higher the temperature of your attic, the less effective your attic insulation will be at stopping heat from entering your home.

Installation of a solar attic fan in Citrus County FL on your home minimizes the amount of heat entering through the attic by reducing your attic temperature in Citrus County FL.  By minimizing the amount heat entering your home, you will save money on your summer cooling bill and make your house feel more comfortable (see diagrams below).

Attic in Citrus County FL Without Proper Ventilation

Solar attic fans can save you money by lowering the temperature of your attic!

Attic After Installation of an Venti Attic Fans Solar Attic Fan in Citrus County FL

Solar attic fans can save you money by keeping your attic cooler!

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Why Purchase an Venti Attic Fans Fan in Citrus County FL?

Venti Attic Fans residential and commercial solar powered ventilation fans in Citrus County FL offer many advantages over competitive products:

  • Zincalume alloy vent housing (superior corrosion resistance for costal climates), comes standard with all Venti Attic Fans ventilation products

  • Powerful 14 inch aluminum fan capable of moving over 1550 CFM of airflow (energy efficient design and ultra quiet operation)

  • Models available with solar panel either directly attached to attic vent unit or with remote mounted solar panel options

  • More options available than any other competitive product

  • All solar attic vent units are manufactured with thermal switch included at no additional charge ($20-$30 charge with other manufacturers!)

  • Attic vent units available in heavy-duty powder coated finishes (black, brown, or gray), or unpainted zincalume alloy.

  • High-efficiency, industrial grade monocrystalline solar panels, made with high strength tempered glass

  • Durable all metal design and construction capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and high winds

  • Offers a "green building solution" for your home, warehouse, farm, or workshop design

  • Products may qualify for incentives in your area reducing purchase and installation costs by several hundred dollars

  • All residential and commercial products are covered by the best warranty available in the the industry

When you want the best, the choice is simply Venti Attic Fans Citrus County FL.

10 & 20 Year Manufacturers Warranty - American Made
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