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McIntosh Solar offers solar pool heaters in Hernando County FL in the following towns:

Brooksville, Istachatta, Nobleton, Spring Hill, Weeki Wachee

Nuvis solar pool panels in Hernando County FL is The Choice for Heating Your Pool in Hernando County FL


Nuvis panels in Hernando County FL are constructed with at least 30% more raw materials than any other manufacturers panels.

Superior Engineering

Nuvis panels in Hernando County FL are hand tooled to provide a durable construction for a fully wetted surface that maximizes the panel performance. The 104 elliptical flow channels are the Only ones in the industry to protect against freeze. The flat plate monolithic construction makes it the best suited solar panel for use in tough applications (such as tile roofs).

Florida Factory

Nuvis manufacturing is in St Petersburg, Florida to provide you with unsurpassed service. Having its factory in Florida, Nuvis offers its Authorized Dealers with custom sized panels for special installations.


Nuvis panels have been manufactured since 1976. We offer Replacement Warranties up to 20 years and having a Florida Factory ensures the warranty will be exercised right here in Florida. We offer only Full Replacement Warranties, up to 20 years with absolutely no plugs or patches. The panels come with a 10 year warranty. You will be given the opportunity, at the end of your original 10 year warranty, to purchase an additional 10 year option.

The Original

The Nuvis panel has been imitated over and over again, but our quality has never been duplicated. Our system has a patented design which will reliably heat your pool to a comfortable swimming temperature without increasing your utility bills.

Most Efficient

Other panels in Hernando County FL can cool rapidly during windy conditions because the individual flow tubes aren�t insulated by each other.

Nuvis flow tubes are connected for insulation so that they stay warm longer. This patented design also allows our panels to withstand freezing conditions better than collectors with round flow tubes that cannot expand or change shape.


Nuvis collectors in Hernando County FL contain 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other panel. This means that our panels have a much longer life expectancy than the competition. In fact, our panels are so well built that they can withstand the strength of a 150 mph hurricane.

Worry Free
Once our panels are installed, there is no additional maintenance or cost involved. You just sit back and relax in your refreshingly warm swimming pool. For added peace of mind, we back all of our systems up with the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

  • Pool pump moves the water to the solar collectors in Hernando County FL

  • Cool water enters the solar collector from the bottom in Hernando County FL

  • Water is heated as it flows upwards through the collector tubes to the top header pipe.

  • The warm water is then returned to your pool in Hernando County FL

  • This process continues until the desired water temperature is reached.

General Description - The absorber is made from 4 extruded UV polymer strips heat sealed longitudinally to form one UV polymer panel which is bonded to the headers. This UV polymer sheet contains 104 channels per 47.5 inch width. Each channel is either 7'6 or 9'7 or 12' long depending on panel requirements.

Chemical Composition - Polypropylene, polyethylene, black surface copolymer compound with a proprietary ultraviolet stabilizer.

Physical Treatment - Continuous extrusion process with vacuum forming.

Dimensions - Channel Wall thickness: 0.039 inch

Channel Spacing - 104 channels per 47.5 inch absorber width. Absorber thickness: 0,220 inch.

Optical Performance - Absorptivity of Solar Radiation 95%. Emissivity of Infrared Radiation 92%.

Mechanical Integrity - Absorbers are individually pressure tested at 55 PSI. Absorbers have been tested at 110 PSI without any damage.

Durability - Chemical resistance: The absorber is NOT affected by normal aqueous solutions or by chemicals normally found in swimming pools, spas or hot tubs.

Ultraviolet Degradation - DEST Laboratories in Arizona has conducted prolonged outdoor testing with over 1,000,000 Langleys of U.V. exposure (approximately 5 years exposure) the result of which shows less than 1% degradation

Thermal Degradation - Absorbers have been subjected to prolonged stagnation in many climates with NO Thermal degradation visible.

Moisture degradation - Absorbers have been subjected to 30 freezing cycles. No apparent damage to absorber or header. Moisture, snow and ice do not affect the absorber.

Surface Weathering - No surface damage is visible after 5 plus years of operation.

Collector Assembly - General description: The absorber sheet is thermally bonded to the extruded headers. Grooves in the header allow for leak tight bonds with the rubber expansion couplers used to join collectors to the piping.

Operation - General Method of Operation: absorbers are designed to operate either in the drain-back or closed loop systems. Most automatic control valves are compatible with the solar collectors.


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